The SapoTap Project

 On tap detergents for the finest results with less harmful waste

ecologici-detersivi alla spina


The particular feature of the SapoTap line is that the containers are reusable. This means a considerable reduction in costs because you buy the bottle once only and use it over and over again. Even the plastic tanks used to contain the detergents are reconditioned and reused repeatedly.

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Already active at low temperatures, these high performance detergents help save energy normally used to heat the water.

SapoTap on tap detergents are three times more concentrated than other detergents, allowing fuel savings, more space in the laundry area and less weight in your shopping bags.

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Plant Based

The MEDITerranean Green and MEDITerranean Blue lines contain only surfactants of plant—based origin.

One hundred percent natural and biodegradable, these surfactants guarantee exceptional washing power, giving you professional results at home while caring for the environment.

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