Rampi Srl has been a leader in the laundry and dry cleaning industry in Italy since 1949. During the 1990s the company began exporting internationally.

Here at Rampi Srl the customer is the focus of attention for all the activities and services the company offers.

Based on the quality, effectiveness and ecological sustainability of all our products, our mission is to provide our customers with total satisfaction as they use our on-tap detergents.

Always attentive to the environment, our laboratory has conceived the SapoTap line of on-tap detergents. Thanks to this simple system, the sturdy plastic bottles can be refilled and recycled. The result means less waste in your garbage bins, in waste disposal plants, and, above all, on our precious planet.

With their advanced technology, our laboratories formulate detergents and stain removers that guarantee maximum effectiveness and quality to RAMPI CUSTOMERS, all while fully respecting the environment